Saturday, 26 July 2008

The Age of Understandment

Well i guess this is me starting up my blog. About life basically. I don't know much about what will happen, what I want to happen...but I have learnt about aspects of life in only a short amount of time. I'm still young and undoubtably my opinions will change. Have you ever fallen in love? I can guess that you probably have. I know you are thinking that I'm young and I wouldn't know or understand about love...but I do. I didn't choose to it just happened. And I know that my idea of love will be different to your's.
I fell in love. I didn't want to because I knew that it would never be possible for the person I loved to love me. I felt almost addicted to the person, wanting to know more about them and such. I didn't stalk them or anything stramge like that. I had never felt the same way about anyone before. And then news came that the person I was in love with was moving. Thousands of miles away. There is an incredibly high chance that I will never see that person again. I saw some of the cds that the person owned. I composed a message made up of lyrics from the various artists, and some mild clues as to who I am. It was the day the person was leaving and i stuffed a hand written note into the keyhole of the door, saying "It's not easy like sunday morning" I remember watching her drive off. I saw her breathing for the very last time. Her numberplate. Her perfume. I cried a lot. Tried to resist the pain. It was real, true love and it was me who was unexpectantly feeling it. I think it was good that she moved away. It made me realize that I should find more important things/people in life. My friends, family. I have a boyfriend now, and I love him. But I don't think I will ever love anyone quite the same way as the first time that I fell in love.